Riot police look on as smoke fills the air in the grounds of Westminster Cathedral during the Student Fees protest. December 9th 2010. London

A protester holds a placard during an NUT (National Union of Teachers) protest. 30th June 2011.

A British Army soldier holds the reins of a horse in Whitehall during the March for the Alternative. 26th March 2011. London.

A woman looks through the window of a gift shop displaying souvenirs to commemorate the royal wedding of Kate Middleton and Prince William. 24th Aprill 2011. London.

The Queen Ann statue after a V for Vendetta mask had been placed on it by Occupy London protesters. London.

A member of Blac Bloc holds a blue flare whilst confronting a line of police outside the Ritz Hotel during the March for the Alternative. 26th March 2011. London. 

A child holds a souvenir Union flag over the face of it's mother during the Queen's Jubilee pageant. 3rd June 2012. London.

A burning car, set ablaze by rioters sits on Clarence Road in Hackney during the London riots. 8th August 2011.

A protester is arrested by police during a TUC demonstration against 

austerity in Central London. 20th October 2012.

People soaked by rain line the South Bank of the river Thames during the Queen's Jubilee Pageant. 3rd June 2012. London. 

A member of 'Muslims Against Crusades' protests opposite Downing Street during the visit of US President Barack Obama. 24th May 2011. London. 

A man displays his Union Flag shirt during the early hours of the morning on the wedding day of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. 29th April 2011.

The nephew of Smiley Culture, killed during his arrest by Metropolitan Police leads a march to Scotland Yard to protest deaths in police custody. 16th April 2011. London.

People hold a Union Flag outside the Tate Modern gallery during the Queen's Diamond Jubilee Pageant. 3rd June 2012. London.

A member of 'MAC' (Muslims Against Crusades) is arrested after fighting with members of 'EDL' (English Defence League) after protesting in Grosvenor Square during the 10th anniversary of September 11th. London. 

An Occupy London protester, wearing a V for Vendetta mask offers to shake hands with wedding guests near St Paul's Cathedral in London. 5th November 2011.

Members of the clergy walk through the Occupy London camp in St Paul's Churchyard. 23rd February 2012. London.

Activists hold a protest against the detention of prisoners at Guantanomo Bay outside Buckingham Palace during the visit of US President Barack Obama. 24th May 2011.

A dog plays in the river Thames. HMS Ocean is in the background. 6th May 2012. London.

A cyclist is led to a waiting bus during the arrest of 'Critical Mass' protesters during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics. 27th July 2012.

A British Soldier salutes an officer after performing a gun salute to commemorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. 2nd June 2012. London.

Anti-fracking protesters attempt to prevent a truck reaching the fracking site in the village of Balcombe in West Sussex. 31st July 2013. 

A woman dives into the crowd from the front of the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square during a party to celebrate the death of Margaret Thatcher. 13th April 2013. London.

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