A shopkeeper gives the middle finger to an anti-capitalist protester.

An anti-capitalist protester bangs on the window of a restaurant in Madrid. The protester was angry about people flouting the 'Huelga' (general strike).

Policemen protect a Madrid bank. The words 'Fuck The Troika' are written on the wall. 'Troika' (a Russian word) describes the European Commission, International Monetary Fund and European Central Bank, who formed a group of international lenders that laid down stringent austerity measures when they provided bailouts to indebted states.

Police attack protesters who had formed a 'Bike bloc.' The group, mainly formed of cyclists had joined with another group who had 

marched from 'Sol Square.'

'ACAB,' an acronym of 'All Cops Are Bastards' and anti-nazi graffiti on a government building.

A man pleads with an anti-capitalist protester to refrain from violence. Meanwhile another protester makes a sign with his middle finger in the direction of riot police.

A riot police officer arrests a journalist. The officer quickly released the journalist after complaints from other members of the press.

Riot police come under attack from fireworks and firecrackers, thrown by anti-capitalist protesters.

Riot police come under attack in front of a painted mural. 

A police officer attempts to kick a flare away from a building with graffiti saying 'Lucha' (fight) and the communist hammer and sickle symbol written on it.

A riot police officer with an arrested anti-capitalist protester with a bleeding face.

Anti-capitalist graffiti and the words 'Revolution Is Coming' on the outside of a branch of McDonalds. 

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