A woman looks at anti-war posters on Kreschatyk Street. Kiev. 23rd March 2014. 

A human statue speaks on a mobile phone during a break. Kiev. 11th May 2014.

An art seller gets some exercise. Kiev. 17th May 2014.

A boy watches from the sidelines during football training in Proznicky District, Kiev, Ukraine. 21st May 2014. 

A woman deep in thought after being rescued from a burning apartment building. Kiev. 24th May 2014. 

A street seller in Lisova, Kiev gathers her produce. 11th June 2014.

A young boy struggles to carry water. Maidan, Kiev. 30th June 2014.

People praying at a 'Madonna' statue. Lviv. 3rd July 2014.

A woman prays at an outside church altar. Lviv. 9th July 2014.

A disabled man sleeps on a pavement. Kiev. 20th July 2014.

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